Being and Making Disciples: A Catholic podcast about fruitful ministry. Podcast Artwork Image

Being and Making Disciples: A Catholic podcast about fruitful ministry.

Dan Boyd and Justin Reyes

What were Jesus’ last words? Go out into the whole world to make disciples! This Catholic podcast is all about helping you respond “YES” to the final and greatest invitation of Jesus, the adventure you were made for. Together, let’s explore what business, education, organizational leadership, popes, saints, and scripture say about fulfilling the Great Commission. Hosts Dan and Justin serve in diocesan ministry leadership, and together authored Go! Make Disciples, a road map to missionary discipleship success for parishes, missions, and ministries of every variety. Dan’s ministry started while serving in officer positions in his college campus ministry at UCF. Initially graduating with a degree in Spanish, Dan went on to receive a master’s in theology at Boston College and a doctorate in education, again from UCF. After working in public and Catholic high schools for many years as a teacher and campus minister, Dan now works as a senior director at a large Catholic diocese in the southern US. Justin comes from a background in business and marketing. After finding corporate success as a business consultant with a global firm, he answered God’s call to work full-time in diocesan ministry. He currently serves as the Director of Family Evangelization for a geographically large diocese in the southern United States and holds dual-degrees in business, including an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill.