Find Calm Here Podcast

Episode 33: Find Calm cultivating a community with Stephanie Powell

May 02, 2021 Find Calm Here Season 1 Episode 33
Find Calm Here Podcast
Episode 33: Find Calm cultivating a community with Stephanie Powell
Show Notes

In this episode of the Find Calm Here Podcast, Stephanie Powell shares her experience as a and business strategist who helps entrepreNERDS to become bold and brazen in their business and branding to go bigger, get louder, and connect with their unique client. 

She coaches savvy business leaders to become their authentic selves so that they create abundance in income and impact in the world. We talk about community building, Facebook groups, business strategy, and building a community that is active for promoting or upselling courses or group coaching. 

During this episode we discuss:
 4:25 -  Transitioning from a career to becoming an entrepreneur by identifying your niche with what experience you’ve already got, learning lessons, finding unique offerings 

6:30  - Discovering “zone of genius” and connecting to an ideal business & lifestyle balance, reconnecting to Stepahine’s roots, building a foundation for success

9:01 - Refining the entrepreneurial journey, shift from getting paid for time vs scaling a business, transparency in pivoting when starting a business is part of the process

11:38  -  Doing what “lights us up” to create a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur, tips for allowing grace for letting go of self-set expectations, and focusing on what connects passion with experience

18:41 -  Community for coaching, masterminds, and one-on-one clients for growth in both business as well as personal increased income, building and learning from others

21:30 - Small cohorts offer a safe space to connect for accountability and support, gaining shared wisdom, building a community for authentic communities, scaling by offering coaching to several people at the same time. 

24:12 -  Collaboration leads to finding calm with community-building by connecting with others that offer additional support who want to help you and you can help them, sharing the tasks to build 

26:44 - Growing a Facebook group, low contribution, and engagement, connecting personally makes the shift and will start to connect more, lurkers are there, you are serving them by saying what connects to them. 

27:32-  Crafting messaging for members to decide if this is for, or not for them, scaling as a one-person team, letting go of what isn’t important, or hiring for support to do tasks 

About Find Calm Here

I’m Deb Schell, creator, and host of the Find Calm Here Community, a Mighty Network.

Inside the Find Calm Here Community, I bring together Mighty Network Hosts who feel overwhelmed with launching a community, cultivating contribution, and creating an onboarding plan with the tools, resources, and support they need to find calm so that they can confidently create a community on the platform.

The Find Calm Community is now exclusively for Mighty Network Hosts so that they can find calm building a Mighty Network. Learn more about the tools & resources that I use with my clients to help you have a successful launch, grow your membership, and tackle any challenge with the support of peers in a safe space that’s affordable and enjoyable!

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