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Valentine's Day en France!

February 17, 2024 Alex Ganipeau Season 5 Episode 141
Loulabelle’s FrancoFiles
Valentine's Day en France!
Show Notes

Alex Ganipeau runs French language school "The French Hack" in Melbourne Australia and is our go to Frenchy to chat with about loads of things to help demystify French traditions, customs and culture!

In today's chat we hear about the recently celebrated traditions of l'Ephinanie and Chandeleur, plus the ways Valentine's Day is recognised both now and historically in France.

Alex tells us about the things that especially connect her to France and feeds my Francophile heart through her words. We discover that it's not necessarily the stuff and things we collect in life that are important, but rather the moments shared with those we love and times we spend in certain places that connect us to our soul.  

Come and escape momentarily to France with us.

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