Faith Soaking: A Prophetic Mother's Voice

Transforming Power of Christ: Faith Soaking Episode Seven

January 04, 2021 Alisa Hope Wagner Season 1 Episode 7
Faith Soaking: A Prophetic Mother's Voice
Transforming Power of Christ: Faith Soaking Episode Seven
Show Notes Transcript

Don't let your emotions dictate your life. Jesus died on the cross to give you all of God's goodness every day.  God's will is for you to live in victory, so we can claim everything we lack from God when we are in need. 

Your emotions are rooted to your thoughts. If you feel stressed, worried, confused, angry, conflicted or any other negative emotion, it is because your thoughts are not submitted to Christ (2 Corinthians 10.5 NIV). Christ broke His body and poured His blood, so He could give you what you need each and every day. Do you need peace? Christ has it for you. Do you need healing, He has that ready for you too. Christ died to take away your heavy burdens, so you can be yoked to His peace, joy and hope (Matthew 11.28-30 NIV).

This world will never be easy nor fair. However, the grace of God extends to you in waves that match your heartache and pain if you receive it (John 1.16 NLT). You have every right to claim what you need today in order to live in peace and joy. Christ died on the cross and took your separation from God, so you could have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, giving you an overflowing supply of everything you lack.

Once you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, God resides in your heart, mind and life. God is all good. He is all love. He is all peace. He is all joy. God supplies an endless source of the fruits of His Spirit to you at any moment (Galatians 5.22-23 NIV). Even if you have never fully had His peace. Do not fear. He can produce it in an instant in your life. Nothing is impossible for God. And God says if you ask according to His will, He will give you what you need (John 14.13 NIV).

God is a good Father, and it is His will for you to live in peace. It is His will for you to feel loved. And it is His will for supernatural joy to permeate your life. He will give you these things because Jesus died to make them available to you. The more we embrace God's love for us, the more we can walk in all the goodness found in that divine love.

Don't be fooled by the feelings you are accustomed to. Many times we are used to feeling guilt, worry, unworthiness, judgment, bitterness and more because they were passed down to us by family or life experiences. However, God wants us to renew our minds in Him. He wants us to clear away the emotional baggage that tears us down and take from His endless supply of emotional renewal.

Jesus died to forgive all sins, to right all wrongs and to make a way for God's Spirit on earth (1 Corinthians 15.57 NIV). Jesus' Finished Work on the Cross produces a transformative power that supernaturally flips our pain into joy, our wounds into new beginnings and our confusion into clarity. All we have to do is give Him the broken pieces and watch the beautiful mosaic of restoration form.

All it takes is faith. Do you believe that God can take the brokenness of your life and make beauty out of the ashes (Isaiah 61.3 NIV)? God desires to do so, and He delights in transforming the ugliness of your life into a masterpiece. He delights because it gives HIm the creative license to use His unending imagination and love into molding you, His loved one, into a renewed creation of purpose, value and meaning. You are His beloved child, and He takes great care into cherishing you (Psalm 36.5-7 NIV).

Be blessed, Loved Ones.