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Real World Public Mental Health

Stuart King

Real World Public Mental Health

Translating evidence into practice

Welcome to the Real World Public Mental Health (RWPMH) podcast, where we look at how the evidence is being used in the real world to prevent and promote better mental health for all. This podcast will include a diverse range of speakers from academics to practitioners, all of them sharing their experience and expertise in working on mental health at the population level.

Stu King (BSPHN Committee Member and founder & CEO of behaviour change specialists BeeZee Bodies) interviews professionals working in public mental health to share insights on the latest findings and discuss local to national public mental health strategies.

Our first episode will feature:

Dr Jonathan Campion - Director for Public Mental Health and Consultant Psychiatrist

The podcast is hosted by the BSPHN and produced in collaboration with:





Centre for Mental Health

Mental Health Foundation

NIHR School for Public Health Research