Free Spirit Academy Podcast

55 | Solo Episode | Coming Home to Our Bodies

March 23, 2020 Rande Moss
Free Spirit Academy Podcast
55 | Solo Episode | Coming Home to Our Bodies
Show Notes

This podcast is for you if you're feeling unsettled and unsafe right now.

It's for you if being alone, or home all the time, or having your world turned inside-out makes you want to crawl out of your skin.

It's for you if you're like a client of mine who told me this morning that she doesn't want to be stuck in her house with all that food.

I'm introducing my newest course called Coming Home to Your Body, but this podcast also stands alone.

We'll be talking about:

...why you can be "perfect" with your cleansing practices or healthy lifestyle and still feel unwell. to build resilience in challenging times.

...the struggle to be 'present', 'mindful', or 'in the flow' no matter how much you meditate or use spiritual and self-care practices.

...the desire to take care of your health while struggling with self-sabotage, compulsive behaviors, and repeating cycles and patterns like overeating but you don't know why.

...when you've talked about your issues and traumas in therapy and feel like you've processed your childhood, but still struggle with anxiety, depression, a constant feeling of frustration or other painful emotions that don't seem to match the present circumstances.'ve tried to 'just relax' or maybe you KNOW some of the nervous system lingo and you take deep breaths to 'deactivate your parasympathetic nervous system'...and you still just feel like a mess.

...and how to ACTUALLY learn to FEEL, rather than thinking about our feelings, reacting to our feelings, or numbing our feelings.

I hope this episode feels useful and supportive right now ❤️


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