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41 | Intuitive Living | Lindsay King

January 21, 2019 Rande Moss / Lindsay King Season 3 Episode 3
Free Spirit Academy Podcast
41 | Intuitive Living | Lindsay King
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 41 of the Free Spirit Academy Podcast with Artist and Intuitive, Lindsay King.

Sometimes people's worlds are so unfathomable to me that it feels like magic. Lindsay is a beautiful intuitive human being and artist. In her words, she "paints the relationship between the subconscious and what is seen. 

In this conversation, we talk about...

...our shared history and Lindsay's experience of feeling like a fraud in religion.

...the importance of aligning with who you really are and using your voice - even if it means your not everybody's cup of tea.

...the body as an intelligent tool - this might have been my favorite part of the conversation because I'm always interested in how people describe their experience of listening to the body.

...Lindsay's take on the word "power" and how feeling grounded in her own power has lead her to the desire for more collaboration. 

...and we'll talk about her fascinating work doing soul essence paintings.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Lindsay King.

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