July 03, 2019 Season 2 Episode 22
Jul 03, 2019 Season 2 Episode 22
The Critelli's ft. World Pride-goers
Show Notes

"Hell-raising, wheel-chasing, new worldy possessions
Flesh-making, spirit-breaking
Which one would you lessen?"

World travelers, @valentine_of_mine, are this week's #GayRelationshipGoals - and for good reason.  A discussion on intimacy brings Marko and Tony back to the Critable.  And, a conversation with parade-goers gets the guys out and about during World Pride.  Tune in for another episode of Relationsh!t.
"The better part, the human heart
You love 'em or dissect 'em
Happiness or flashiness? 
How do you serve the question?"

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