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Lose Yourself
March 28, 2018 The Critelli's ft. Steve & Erika
An intense travel schedule and even more intense exhaustion bring the guys of Relationsh!t back for another Wednesday full of laughter and relationship insight. Marko and Tony chit chat about their upcoming plans and whether or not Marko should visit his doctor for the chronic fatigue. Either way, there is A NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSH!T, and that cures any ailment. (Get to the) GOOD SH!T: This week's #GayRelationshipGoals is none other than the ridiculously talented (and insanely muscular) couple, @ptjoshb and @joeputignano. When they're not busy performing with Cirque du Soleil, writing books, or bench pressing semi trucks, Joe and Josh are busy inspiring all of us to love unconditionally and encourage one another, passionately. A very special treat for the show, and a definite favorite of the guys - follow Joe and Josh on IG, and fall in love ... just like we did. (We just) TALKING SH!T: There is nothing worse than losing yourself to a relationship. We all have had that friend that gets in a relationship and become an entirely different person; a person you don't recognize. Is that healthy? Marko and Tony share stories of the beginning of their relationship and the fears of losing oneself that plagued their initial joy. Later, Marko and Tony are joined by friends of the show: @steeeeevn and @_erikadoesbeauty_ for a new show segment called WE AIN'T SHIT. This foursome talks about what it means to be in a relationship with them and the things that make them happy - even if it doesn't make their partner happy. A little too much wine makes for a laugh-fest complete with insight and Relationshit's brand of fun! (Don’t step in) YOUR SH!T: My boyfriend likes to argue all the time, argue all the time, argue ALL THE TIIIIIIIIIIIIME. This can't be healthy, right? And, with so many gay men on tv, film, and in really life ... who do you admire (if anyone)? Join the fellas for yet another edition of Listener Sh!tuations and gather their thoughts. - - - - - Relationship problems? EMAIL US: We will answer your questions on the show. - - - - - RATE US: Go to your favorite podcast directory and give Relationsh!t a 5-Star rating, and fantastic review! It sounds like a big ask, but it helps us out tremendously. If you have 5-minutes, help us out! - - - - - FOLLOW US: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @podrelationshit - - - - - SPECIAL THANKS: @steveedesigns (Instagram) for our logo! @mdotcot (Instagram, Twitter) for our editing! and (last but not least) ... @tinman_tc (Instagram) ... and, Antonio Carter for our music
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