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Only Girl in the World
June 27, 2018 The Critelli's
The Pride Month festivities are coming to a (sad) close ... Thank The Carter's for a NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSHIT to save our poor, glittered, scantily-clad souls. After a week of playing catch-up, the guys are back to celebrate Pride the right way! So much has happened in a week (mostly with Beyoncé and JayZ), and Marko and Tony can't wait to talk about it. Let's end Pride Month the Relationsh!t way. FIRST VERSE: Because we all love a ridiculously handsome male model and his husband, this week's #GAYRELATIONSHIPGOALS is none other than bearded, silver fox, @georgedellinger and his husband @trevorrichardking. With a love that spans over two decades, and a marriage that is only a year old, these two give any (and all) of us, hope for a love that will exist when you're grey and in the best shape of your life. Check them out on Instagram, and tell them the Critelli's sent you! CHORUS: Since part of the focus of this podcast is education, we decided to do a little history lesson on Pride, an important part of our community’s history of activism, and the symbol of our people: the flag. Without getting to boring or fact heavy, we touch upon the highlights of some interesting tidbits that you may not know, but will definitely appreciate. HAPPY PRIDE! SECOND VERSE: This week we try to follow Rhianna’s advice and figure out how to make each other feel like “the only girl in the world.” We discuss the five love languages that people experience and speak—both in words AND actions. Then we break out the Rosetta Stone to help translate how to not only identify which one you speak but also to practice translating for your partner. BRIDGE: Summa summa summertime! It looks like everyone is planning their summer getaway ... and we have the emails to prove it: One listener inspires a conversation about the perfect anniversary gift: an experience or an object? While the second wants to talk about what do if you are ON a vacation together - yet, have separate vacation-mode interests. Listen in as the Critelli's try to solve more Listener Shituations. - JOIN US - Friday, June 29th at 7pm for the live taping of the podcast, with special guest: Gina Tonic! We will be at the 40/40 Club, here in Manhattan (6 W. 25th Street). Be ready to eat, drink, and spill some tea, as the guys take on live Listener Shituations! You can meet the guys, and have a gay old time! We hop to see you there! - - - - - Relationship problems? EMAIL US: We will answer your questions on the show. - - - - - RATE US: Go to your favorite podcast directory and give Relationsh!t a 5-Star rating, and fantastic review! It sounds like a big ask, but it helps us out tremendously. If you have 5-minutes, help us out! - - - - - FOLLOW US: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @podrelationshit - - - - - SPECIAL THANKS: @steveedesigns (Instagram) for our logo! @mdotcot (Instagram, Twitter) for our editing! and (last but not least) ... @tinman_tc (Instagram) ... and, Antonio Carter for our music
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