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pt. 1 - Vision of Love
July 25, 2018 The Critelli's ft. Eddie & Tony
Hide your wife - hide your kids! It's a NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSHIT! This week, the guys are adulting to the Nth power: sleeping more, preparing meals for the week, enjoying nature, and partaking in summertime events. After a few Aperol spritzes, they sit down to talk about life and find out what it all means. Join them for the fun! FIRST VERSE: This week's #GayRelationshipGoals needs no introduction (but we are going to introduce them anyway). Fitness Motivator @shaunt and his husband @scottphotobombs are gay daddies (not zaddies) to toddler twins and still manage to have time to go to the gym. Shaun has been inspiring the world to get in shape for years, and it's no wonder that he bagged an equally inspiring partner in Scott (the two have the sort of chemistry that makes you coo and gag at the same time). We are huge fans of their love for one another and know that you will feel the same way. Check them out on Instagram, give them some love, and tell them the Critelli's sent you. CHORUS: "And it was all that you've given to me". In part 1/2 of this episode, Marko takes to the mic to talk about the vision(s) that he has for his marriage with Tony. Are there kids in the cards? Where will they live? And is this what he planned all along? SECOND VERSE: Marko and Tony are joined by #GayRelationshipGoals alum (and new friends) Eddie (@fasteddi_nyc) and Tony (@tonymansker)! After some incessant stalking and a lots of DM'ing, Eddie and Tony join the guys to talk more about their professional lives, their relationship and how it feels to actually like someone after 13 years together. This is part one of the two part interview - join us next week for the conclusion! BRIDGE: " ... I feel there is no commitment or faithfulness ..." A listener from down under writes in to the guys to talk about his experience of dating guys. After dating women for so long, you'd think dating guys would be similar, right? WRONG. A series of dishonest partners leaves our listener wondering if it gets better, and the guys offer some sage advice about navigating the gay dating scene. Join them for the one and only (and incredibly important) Listener Shituation, this week. - - - - - Relationship problems? EMAIL US: We will answer your questions on the show. - - - - - RATE US: Go to your favorite podcast directory and give Relationsh!t a 5-Star rating, and fantastic review! It sounds like a big ask, but it helps us out tremendously. If you have 5-minutes, help us out! - - - - - FOLLOW US: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @podrelationshit - - - - - SPECIAL THANKS: @steveedesigns (Instagram) for our logo! @mdotcot (Instagram, Twitter) for our editing! and (last but not least) ... @tinman_tc (Instagram) ... and, Antonio Carter for our music
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