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pt. 2 - Losing My Religion
October 03, 2018 The Critelli's ft. The Singing Scientist
I thought that I heard you laughing. I thought that I heard you sing. I think I thought I saw you try. … FIRST VERSE: Social media is such a great way to connect with others from all over the world. It is because of this connection that the Critelli's were able to be contacted by this week's #GayRelationshipGoals - a wonderful couple from Fort Myers, FL. Kevin (@radical_kam) and Jackson (@jmorgan1979). After 10-years together and 6-years married, this couple still has "new adventures every day," and their Instagram pages are proof! Check them out and let them know the Critelli's sent you! They truly are a great inspiration and we are so excited to add them to the Relationsh!t family. CHORUS: "Oh, life is bigger, It's bigger. Than you and you are not me ..." The guys are joined, once again, by the Singing Scientist (@singing_scientist) to finalize their conversation about the Bible. After breaking down the verses "related to" homosexuality and all the condemnation the gays are supposed to experience, Marko, Tony, and Chase sit down to talk about how the church has negatively impacted gay relationships. Are gays deeply affected by all the hate the followers of the Bible choose to spew? Is there hope for future gays? And what should you say when someone uses the Bible to make you feel badly about your sexuality? Check in with the guys to stock up on some much needed ammo. SECOND VERSE: Chase Nelson, (@singing_scientist) we cannot thank you enough for joining us again; for your wisdom and wit; for your time and presence and contributions; for sharing your thoughts and experiences and perspective; for being so open with us and for our community. Your intellect is outmatched only by the immensity of your heart. Thank you so much for joining us, for being you, and for helping to heal us so that we may, as a community, access our faith without guilt. BRIDGE: A less than ideal coming out story has left a gay college grad feeling a bit bruised and battered. When he thinks his younger brother may be gay, too, he is afraid his coming out experience has caused his younger brother to stay in the closet. Should he say anything to his brother? And, what if he actually isn't gay? Opposites are supposed to attract, but what happens when your differences are so polar that it causes you to cringe? A proper British man never expected to fall for the messy bloke that he's spending time with. How do you get past the differences? And, how does one loosen up when already so tightly wound? Another set of Listener Shituations is left for the Critelli's to solve! - - - - - Relationship problems? EMAIL US: We will answer your questions on the show. - - - - - RATE US: Go to your favorite podcast directory and give Relationsh!t a 5-Star rating, and fantastic review! It sounds like a big ask, but it helps us out tremendously. If you have 5-minutes, help us out! - - - - - FOLLOW US: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @podrelationshit - - - - - SPECIAL THANKS: @markitinc (Instagram) for our logo! @mdotcot (Instagram, Twitter) for our editing! and (last but not least) ... @TinMan_TC (Twitter) ... and, Antonio Carter for our music
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