Back in the Day

November 28, 2018 Season 1 Episode 37
Show Notes

Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore,
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.


As if our hearts can handle another gay couple with child(ren), this week's #GayRelationshipGoals is none other than the ever so talented (@claybourneelder) and his incredible husband, (@ericbrosen).  Baby Bo's fathers are the dictionary definition of loving, caring, and hard-working.  As a Broadway actor, Claybourne, and director/writer/producer, Eric, make parenting look like such a pleasant and fulfilling adventure.  With such a love between the two of them, and an unwavering devotion to their family, these two are exactly the kind of fathers/husbands I think we all strive to be.  Follow them on Instagram and fall in love with the magic that is their relationship - and don't forget to tell them the Critelli's sent you!


"But, sometimes, I still sit and reminesce,
Then, think about the years I was raised, back in the days."

This week, the fellas sit down to to discuss the biggest (and most noticeable) differences in dating habits between millennials, baby boomers, and every generation between.  Are "kids" really jumping into the dating world with completely different dating habits than their parents and grandparents?  And if so, why?  Have these "kids" learned nothing from the same people that (essentially) created them?


Times change, but do people?
After talking with a few millennials (last episode), Marko and Tony thought it was only fair that they connect with a few baby boomers as well.  So, this week they sit down and talk with the (podcast) famous: Aunt Mary and Uncle Chuck!  Tony's Aunt and Uncle join the guys to talk about the beginning of their own relationship, what partnering means to (and has meant to) them, and how they view the dating and relationship habits of their kids and the younger generation.  How did they meet?  What does their future hold?  And, what does it mean to be married to someone for so long?? You won't want to miss this amazing interview with the couple that has inspired Marko and Tony to keep going - and, has given them a true view of their future, together.


I'm so bored, I could die ...
A married couple has nothing to talk about, and when they do, one partner is bored to tears.  What do you do when you've been with your partner for an extended period of time but the only thing they're capable of talking about is work and the weather??  Is that enough to sustain a relationship?

Too soon?
Mental health is important, and our second Listener is full aware of his struggle.  But, when should he make a potential partner aware of it as well?  When is it ok to divulge such an important detail about your life, and what should you do if your potential partner can't handle it?  These questions and some direction from the Critelli's makes for an incredible edition of this week's Listener Shituations!

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