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6 - How to Make Instagram Work for Your Local Business

December 14, 2020 Emily Steele
Local to Legend
6 - How to Make Instagram Work for Your Local Business
Show Notes

We are obsessed with Instagram. Instagram is the number one place we love to hang out.

But our time on the Gram has shown us that there are still outdated strategies floating around that really should be left behind. It’s the follow/unfollow, bots for biz, or DM sales strategies. These aren’t building an authentic community. And they aren’t leading to sustainable growth.

Emily goes solo in this episode of Local to Legend to talk all about Instagram for local business owners.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started in your local business, if you’ve been using Instagram since the beginning, or if you’re outsourcing the work to a teammate or freelancer or agency… what Emily is going to teach you in this episode will dramatically shift how you can use the platform.

Tune in for topics like:

  • Strategies that aren’t working on Instagram
  • Myths about the app
  • Building out your own Instagram strategy
  • Emily’s number one thing to consider before you post
  • How Emily re-launched a local networking group and took membership from 5 members to 500 in one year
  • Tips to a successful collaboration

Links from the episode: 

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