Local to Legend

7 - How to Stop Playing Small in Life and Business with Cari Rosno

December 21, 2020
Local to Legend
7 - How to Stop Playing Small in Life and Business with Cari Rosno
Show Notes

Today’s guest, Cari Rosno, is a truth seeker and global manifestation coach, who works with driven women, leaders and entrepreneurs in order to uncover their truest desires and release subconscious programmings, limitations, and beliefs that are holding them back. She helps people own their sh*t so they can level up and live the life they actually want.

In this episode of Local to Legend, Cari and Emily dig into our subconscious mind and why it’s often the *thing* that keeps us playing small. Cari shares her journey from agency owner to entrepreneur and how a debilitating illness initiated that shift.

Cari gets real about a common belief that you can hack your way to success in your local business. Accelerating your growth can only happen when we sit down with ourselves, dig into our own truth to ensure that it’s our own voice driving the mission and heart of our business.

Tune in for topics like:

  • The shift that took Cari from a million dollar business to an entirely new career
  • Our brainwave stages and why they’re important
  • What it means to create gaps in your thoughts
  • How to release relationships (professional or personal) that are no longer serving us

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