Local to Legend

13 - Why Understanding Your Cycle Will Help You Become a Better Business Owner

February 01, 2021 Emily Steele
Local to Legend
13 - Why Understanding Your Cycle Will Help You Become a Better Business Owner
Show Notes

For this episode Emily chats with Raven Rose, an Herbalist and Educator, although she personally identifies as a medicine woman. After experiencing years of excruciating pain that came with her own menstrual cycle, Raven began exploring the possibility that the root cause was much deeper within her. This search for healing led her down a discovery path to her ancestors and ultimately to opening Moon Medicine

Whenever there is a block in our external world, or something that we are trying to create, there is usually some connection to the physical body. That’s one of the things Raven likes to teach people - how they can learn to navigate their personal human process vs. everything they may have read in books or observed in others.

Listen in as we learn from Raven about the power of our cycles and how they are connected to our voice, how getting in touch with our bodies and listening to the messages they provide can help push us past feelings of being blocked (in life and business!), and how healing is fluid and different for everyone. 

Tune in for topics like:

  • How Raven followed her own menstrual journey that lead her to open Moon Medicine
  • The power of ancestral connection and how it shows up in the body
  • Herbalism, ethnobotany, womb massage, spiritual healing, and more
  • How to tune into your body’s messages and break through blocks in life and business

Links from the episode: 

  • Moon Medicine website 
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  • Moon Medicine Facebook
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