Local to Legend

20 - The Flower Farmers Behind the Pepperharrow Farm (And How They Grew This Beautiful Brand)

March 22, 2021 Emily Steele
Local to Legend
20 - The Flower Farmers Behind the Pepperharrow Farm (And How They Grew This Beautiful Brand)
Show Notes

Emily hosts longtime gardeners and nature enthusiasts, Adam and Jenn O’Neal, owners of Pepperharrow Farm, a twenty acre flower farm. PepperHarrow offers customers the ability to order their fresh flowers online weekly, available for pick-up each Saturday during the growing season, or at Gateway Market and The Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market. PepperHarrow also hosts several unique classes and events on the flower farm, geared towards people looking for an amazing experience.

The dream for Pepperharrow Farm began twenty years ago in 2001 after Adam read a magazine article about permaculture and sustainable agriculture. For the next ten years the couple dreamed and journaled their desire to one day transition to farm life. During this time Adam, still working full time in the oil industry, took up gardening. He had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best gardeners in Tennessee; ultimately becoming a master gardener. Finally, in 2011 the O’Neals made the decision to leave their urban life behind and return to Madison County, Iowa (where Jenn grew up) to fulfill their farm dream. 

New to the community, the couple knew they needed to establish brand recognition and introduce themselves and their product. They worked with a local artist to design a logo and Adam hit the streets to promote Pepperharrow Farm. With the support of the local farmers market, surrounding community, and area grocers, Adam and Jenn were quickly being sought out by customers. 

Over the years the couple has learned what works best for them and what their customers desire. They have continued to make upgrades to the farm, add new products and offerings, and began inviting guests to the farm in 2015. All the while, both Adam and Jenn remained employed full time outside of the farm. Adam eventually left his previous career in the oil industry five years into owning and operating Pepperharrow Farm. Jenn remained in her medical equipment sales role for another five years and recently made the transition to full time on the farm after nine growing seasons. Both Adam and Jenn are thrilled to be working together full time on their dream; Pepperharrow Farm.

It’s no shock from the way this couple intentionally dreamed, envisioned, and grew their farm from the ground up that they are blooming exceptionally well (pun intended 😉). Adam and Jenn are truly inspired by watching the joy others experience when visiting the flower farm. This magical feeling is what propelled the couple to lead with generosity in offering in classes, events, e-learning, starter kits, lavender and essential oils, farm boot camp, glamping, and so much more. 

You don’t want to miss this incredible episode that provides a glimpse into the beautiful dream Adam & Jenn have cultivated for Pepperharrow Farm. 

Tune in for topics like:

  • How a 10 year dream grew into a flourishing flower farm
  • Finding creative ways to utilize all areas of a farm for business and entertainment
  • The importance of balancing strengths in a personal and business relationship

Links from the episode:

  • Visit the Pepperharrow Farm website to order flowers, view classes, and more
  • Watch and learn with Pepperharrow Farm on YouTube
  • Follow Pepperharrow Farm on instagram 

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