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Voice of youth in transforming causes impacting society

February 01, 2021 Vai Kumar interviews youth activist Hannah Testa Season 1 Episode 14
Fresh Leaf Forever
Voice of youth in transforming causes impacting society
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Show Notes

Special guest Hannah Testa is a High School Senior in Ga, USA and is extremely passionate about several causes that impact our daily lifestyle. She's not just an advocate for causes that are impactful to humans, but Hannah also takes pride in voicing her part towards animal welfare. She has been instrumental in bills at State and Federal level for all her causes, including making the situation better for animals and in them being treated properly.

In this very engaging discussion between someone so young and passionate about her cause and host Vai, a mother of a teen the same age, one can derive inspiration to act and address some of the most critical causes significant to society.
Hannah talks about her role in animal welfare, combating the plastics crisis, how our environment and health are impacted due to all of these factors in play. She relates well to what we eat matters and her own lifestyle changes. Not to miss conversation for youth and adults alike !!
Hannah Testa is a book author, Tedx speaker, world traveler advocating for her causes and most importantly, is a fun and confident young lady. She's the founder of Hannah4change and is involved in supporting the cause of marginalized students via book sales. Please check this out at and let's join hands with Hannah in helping secure our environment and make the world a better place to live   -  not just for us, but for future generations too.

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