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Amelia Earhart, Me & Our Friends - Roberta Bassin

March 17, 2022 Coach Mikki, Mel & Friends Season 2 Episode 16
Coach Mikki and Friends
Amelia Earhart, Me & Our Friends - Roberta Bassin
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Show Notes

Join Roberta Bassin as she brings Ameila Earhart to life like you've never heard before.

Roberta E. Bassin is a professional actress and author, having received
acclaim for her compelling portrayals on an array of interesting characters in
film, TV and stage including, film classic "Barfly" opposite Mickey Rourke and
Faye Dunaway, Oliver Stone’s Emmy and Golden Globe winner "Indictment:
The McMartin Trial,” and Clint Eastwood’s "J. Edgar opposite Leonardo
DiCaprio. Her many performances in television include, ”Shameless, How to
Get Away with Murder, Ray Donovan, Grey’s Anatomy, Major Crimes,
Criminal Minds, E.R., Crossing Jordan, American Dreams, The Pretender
among others. One of her greatest joys as an actress/writer, has been and
continues to be, performing her one woman show, "Amelia Earhart: In Her
Own Words.”
At long last, she has accepted the requests of her audiences to write a book
of the famous aviator along with her own personal experiences and years of
research, culminating in "Amelia Earhart, Me and Our Friends, Journaling the
Journey: The Amelia Earhart Self Help Book.“ Enjoy a fun and interactive
journey of self-reflection that stimulates the reader, "Our Friends," to delve
into the maze of life's complexities. Let Amelia Earhart help you to help
Roberta has authored numerous published articles and was a proud
contributor to “The Aspiring Actors Handbook.” She is a graduate of UCLA in
History and English and holds a lifetime teaching credential. Marrying her
prom date, they have a son and daughter who are also UCLA graduates.

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