{BODY BY WALLY Personal Fitness Training LLC} - THE REALITY OF WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS WHEN IT COMES TO OVERALL FITNESS, EXERCISE, & DIET. We cut through all the garbage and tell you what truly works on getting incredibly fit, and the simplicity of proper eating (dieting). According to Nielsen BookScan, about 5 million diet books are sold in the US alone every year; yet 80% of the population is overweight and/or borderline obese. Our Podcast will INFORM, EDUCATE, and MOTIVATE. Wally has over 5 decades in the world of fitness. We hear a barrage of misinformation about Health & Fitness that is so wrong, that we find it hard to believe in this day and age so much is said that is absolutely false. We see videos that 'claim' the 'proper' technique for a particular exercise, yet if they were to duplicate that same form in front of athletes, or especially in front of a Fitness Certification Co. they would be ridiculed and actually fail the 'live work-shops' part of a fitness training test. AMAZING how people follow them, yet, those that have not trained much can easily believe these charlatans because the 'actor' looks nice and 'sounds' like they know what they are talking about – these people should just STOP IT and open a donut shop. Many of them do look great, but did NOT get that way by these amazingly stupid techniques and wrong information. So here I (Wally) comes in. My background is Calisthenics, Shotokan Karate, Bodybuilding, and the specific discipline of Isometrics and Negatives of which very few people know much about. I was trained in calisthenics by my father who was a 3 time AAU Gold Medalist on the ‘Flying’ rings in the 1940’s, and 2 time U.S. Amputee Golf Champion. I was also trained for a period of time by Rick M., the first American to win in Uechi-ryū (full contact no gear) in 1995 in Okinawa. I was also trained by a former associate at the Nautilus Facility with Dr. Arthur Jones in Deland FL. inventor of Nautilus Gym Equipment who made CIRCUIT & NEGATIVE training famous world-wide in the 1970's. I have also studied Charles Atlas' Dynamic Tension, Jack LaLanne's Isometrics and Calisthenics, and Bruce Lee's ISOMETRIC & NEGATIVE routines. I have been exercising for over 5 decades, and am at the time of this writing, 68 years of age and did 1,006 pushups in just over an hour for my Birthday gift to myself. My Fitness Training Program that I teach is based on a combination of CIRCUIT and INTERVAL systems, blending the old-school with the new; and all Science-based. I am doing these Podcasts to dispel many myths, lies, shenanigans, and out-right ignorance in the fitness world. Thank you so very much for watching, and I hope that you will find these videos informative so that you can get the most out of every single rep, breath, and drop of sweat. Many Blessings, BODY BY WALLY Personal Fitness Training LLC.Psalms 144:1