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#24 Jenny Goad | Palm Harbor Cares

June 14, 2021 Donnie Hathaway Episode 24
Palm Harbor Local
#24 Jenny Goad | Palm Harbor Cares
Show Notes

Jenny Goad – Palm Harbor Cares

Jenny Goad founded Palm Harbor Cares to help the community in whatever capacity was needed. Palm Harbor Cares is a non profit here in Palm Harbor that donates $10,000 every quarter to a different charity in need. To be selected, 3 charities pitch their project to the members who then select the one charity to receive the funds. Anyone can become a member and donate $100 dollars every quarter or donate just one time. Their goal is to always reach $10,000 every quarter to give to a charity in the local community. To learn more or become a Palm Harbor Cares member visit their website below. 

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