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Cameron Capri | Q Southern BBQ

July 19, 2021 Donnie Hathaway Season 1 Episode 28
Palm Harbor Local
Cameron Capri | Q Southern BBQ
Show Notes

Cameron Capri – Q Southern BBQ

Q Southern is a family friendly BBQ restaurant located in Dunedin, FL. Cameron is committed to serving the best barbeque in Tampa Bay and has spent the last 10+ years studying, learning, and mastering his craft. In this episode we talk about how the popularity of barbeque has increased in recent years. Instead of only being able to get some good barbeque on the side of the road on the weekends, you now have restaurants like Q Southern BBQ where you can get your barbeque fix any day of the week. What amazes me is the amount of time the Cameron has put into his craft and lot of it is trial and error until you find something that works. That same persistence is a big part of what helped get Cameron through his first year in business while having to shut down because of the pandemic. Listen in to learn more about Cameron and his story with barbeque! 

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