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Shawn Yesner | Yesner Law

August 09, 2021 Donnie Hathaway Season 1 Episode 31
Palm Harbor Local
Shawn Yesner | Yesner Law
Show Notes

Shawn Yesner – Yesner Law

Some people spend many years trying to figure out what they are passionate about and others know from an early age what their career will look like. I wish I was in the later group. 😊 Shawn knew early on in is life that he wanted to be an attorney but it wasn’t until he started practicing law that he discovered what type of law he was drawn to. Helping others remove the burden of debt is something Shawn takes a lot of pride in, and it is evident when you listen to him talk about his business. He even created a podcast as another outlet to share his insights to help others battling with debt and/or bankruptcy. Tune in this week to learn more about Shawn Yesner and how his business can help you or someone you may now get out a debt. And don’t forget to check out his podcast, Crushing Debt Podcast. 

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