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Isabelle Avalon Rogers

An original comedy podcast with songs. Releasing serialized episodes every two weeks! A co-production of the Very Little Theatre in Eugene, Oregon. Intended for those who are nostalgic, young at heart, and/or big fans of radio dramas, Celtic music, ad jingles, and Mechagodzilla. Certified to entertain and to lack any references of COVID and depressing current events. Eleanor dreams of finding millions of listeners for her station, KOLD Radio, and bringing 1940s-style radio dramas back to the mainstream. But right now, she's only losing money, listeners, and broadcasters. It's her last chance to save the station - so she's bringing in Celtic music diva Mary and her husband/manager Joe as potential investors, and asking them to listen to an epic radio drama about Brock and Sonya's dystopian romance, complete with advertising jingles. What could possibly go wrong - besides biologist Poppy's first time acting as "Sonya", plucky Walt's strong opinions, and Mary's hot temper?

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