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Eldritch Studios

The award-winning and Webby-nominated audio drama 'Aberrations' tells the story of four young men experiencing the paranormal as they enter adulthood. At the turn of the millennium, one unassuming house in a quiet neighborhood sees the Eldritch brothers and their two friends facing their deepest fears. Having just learned that only months remain before the sale of the Eldritch Estate, the four young men plan a series of get-togethers. Nights of videogames and Dungeons & Dragons had become ritual, but after picking up a creepy book and reading its stories together, their sunny days begin to grow darker. Random bumps in the night evolve into a more visceral terror, suggesting something sinister at work... but sometimes the greatest horror lies in the secrets eating away at the bonds of friendship. Based on the novel 'Tryst' by Aaron Eldritch.