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Occult Cold Case: The Moon Child Murders


In the 1980s a silly comedy was made called Night Beach Nurses. It was a medium budget summer movie project intended for mass release and to hopefully find a cult following because of it’s raucous humor. At the last minute it’s theatre release was cancelled and it was shelved. It’s only mass release was on USA’s UP ALL NIGHT comedy program. A late night b-movie program featuring comedians riffing on bad, low budget comedies. Night Beach Nurses was just another silly comedy that fit this slot. The night it aired a spike in murder cases occurred across the country. Defying explanation and far beyond any statistical anomaly. Damien Fitzmaurice is the detective assigned to one of the murders and is seemingly the first to make a connection between the airing of a movie and a spree of deaths. He gathered that conclusion from repeated similarities from interviews of victims and perpetrators. As the interviews progress the investigation shifts to discovering why a fairly generic teen comedy was seemingly the trigger for violence and other unexplainable events. Viewers of the movies report a wide range of effects. From odd, vivid dreams of another world, to visions of a woman and a man speaking to them but they can’t understand the words. To creatures speaking to them. Doors opening. Closing. A majestic room full of beautiful objects but they can’t describe any details.