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Every Day is a Food Day

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Every food you love has a story. Stories like the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, or how Prohibition brought us the Margarita, or the epic McDrama behind the McDonald’s french fry, or how the heroic Donut Lassies of World War I inspired National Donut Day. On each episode of Every Day is a Food Day our hosts, foodie Odd Couple and friends Anna Van Valin (The Foodlosopher) and Lia Ballentine (The Chef-Creator) nerd out on these quirky, fascinating, and often pretty hilarious stories. In each episode they pick a favorite food or drink, then Lia gives us a rundown of their quirky holidays and histories, and Anna tells fascinating stories about their scandals, heroes and cultural significance in the “Deep Dish.” Stir in some top-notch banter, music, clips and puns (so many puns) and you’ve got a recipe for a delicious time. Join us!Season 2 streaming now. Follow us at @FoodDayPod on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook or check out our webpage at yumday.co/podcast.

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