Every Day is a Food Day

A Taste of Season 2

April 20, 2021 Van Valin Productions & YumDay Season 2 Episode 14
Every Day is a Food Day
A Taste of Season 2
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We hope you're hungry, because we'll be serving you Season 2 on May 4th! We've got more foods, more stories, more banter and more puns - so many puns. Listen to the trailer for a taste of next season, and follow/subscribe so you don't miss a bite.

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LIA 00:00 
Hi there! I’m Lia Ballentine

ANNA 00:03
I’m Anna Van Valin, and we’re the hosts of the podcast Every Day is a Food Day.

LIA 00:18 
We hope you’re hungry for some food stories because we’re ready to serve you Season 2 on May 4! 

ANNA 00:14 
 On each episode of EDFD, Lia, who’s a chef and Foodpreneur...

LIA 00:18 
 ...And Anna, who’s more of a food scholar -

ANNA 00:20 
I prefer the term “Foodlosopher.”

LIA 00:33 
And Anna the *Foodlosopher*...

ANNA 00:26 
 Choose a favorite food or beverage and nerd out on its stories and scandals, holidays, and heroes. 

LIA 00:31 
 Last season we uncovered crazy stories like the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist.

ANNA 00:38 
Seriously people, keep an eye on your syrup barrels. 

LIA 00:40  
 We conducted a very legit, scientific study to determine the best wine container. 

ANNA 00:44 
The answer? Our mouths. 

LIA 00:46 
 And we met incredible food heroes like Evangeline Booth and the Donut Lassies!

ANNA 00:50 
Or Ruth Desmond, the Peanut Butter Grandma.

LIA 00:52 
Or international spy and shark repellant creator Julia Child. Yep, THAT Julia Child.

ANNA 00:57 
In Season 2 we’re going to feed your feed with even more food stories for you to snack on. Plus more puns, more banter, and more moments that will make you go, “Wait, WHAT???”

LIA 01:09
 We’re going to find out how pineapple became a symbol of hospitality, friendship, and….swingers.

ANNA 01:15 
We’ll explore the epic McDrama behind the world’s most ordered food: McDonald’s french fries.

LIA 01:20 
We’ll take a barbecue tour from the Carolinas to Kansas City, and explore how America’s history shaped each region's sauce and style.  

ANNA 01:28 
And we’ll have a margarita episode!! ...We don’t have a story yet we just want to drink margaritas. 

LIA 01:34 
 Food stories are people stories, and we can’t wait to share these stories with you.

ANNA 01:40 
Season 2 starts May 4th. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 

LIA 01:43 
And tell your friends and loved ones. Also, tell people you don’t love. Strangers. Your nemesis. We’re fine with that.

ANNA 01:50 
To keep up with all the exciting stuff we’re doing, follow @fooddaypod on your soch meeds, and check out the links in our show notes to visit our website and join our mailing list. 

LIA 02:00 
So work up an appetite and get ready to dig in on May 4th…

ANNA 02:04  
We’ll bring the margaritas.