As I Live and Grieve

Grief and Pet Loss, with Coleen Ellis

September 19, 2022 Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts
As I Live and Grieve
Grief and Pet Loss, with Coleen Ellis
Show Notes

Again, we chat about how deeply grief impacts us when our loss is a loving furry child. Coleen has spent decades working with families at this stage and regales us not only with heartfelt tales , but touching tips and ideas that will help your entire family when your pet faces the Rainbow Bridge.

Coleen Ellis, CT, CPLP, founded the first stand-alone pet funeral home, Pet Angel Memorial Center in 2004, followed by Two Hearts Pet Loss Center in 2009 as a consulting, educational and resource organization for pet loss experiences. She also teaches Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification courses. In 2011, her first book Pet Parents: A Journey Through Unconditional Love and Grief released, and in 2022 co-authored two children’s books with Dr. Mary Gardner, Forever Friend.  In 2014 she co-founded The Pet Loss Center, now a Gateway operation.

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