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Anticipatory Grief - Future Widow, with Jenny Lisk

October 11, 2022 Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts
As I Live and Grieve
Anticipatory Grief - Future Widow, with Jenny Lisk
Show Notes

If you are a widowed parent, you need to listen to this episode - you will definitely benefit from it. For others, it is quite routine to think of someone who is widowed and wonder how they are doing in their grief, but we need to do a better job at appreciating the complexities associated with this when they are also still parenting.  A widow with 2 children is, for example, dealing with 3 instances of grief, each unique. Listen in as Jenny Lisk helps us better understand this topic.

Jenny Lisk is an award-winning author and widowed mom who is dedicated to helping
widowed parents increase their family's well-being. In her book, Future Widow, Jenny draws on her personal and professional experience to provide a real-life guide for surviving and thriving while raising grieving children. As host of The Widowed Parent Podcast, Jenny has done more than 100 interviews with experts, seasoned widowed parents, and people who lost a parent at a young age. Her podcast brings much-needed resources to parents, helping them feel less lost and alone.

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