As I Live and Grieve

A Series of Surrenders, with Debra Driscoll

December 20, 2022 Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts
As I Live and Grieve
A Series of Surrenders, with Debra Driscoll
Show Notes

Our grief can take many shapes as we work through it, cope with the numerous symptoms and emotions. Sometimes we take care of ourselves, sometimes not; sometimes we know where we are headed, sometimes not. Today, Debra  (or Deb D as she calls herself) shares her journey from the Land Downunder.

 Debra has practiced and taught spiritual development and healing practices for over twenty five years and takes great delight in activating magic in others Debra has created a community of Magic Curious people who interact either in the membership or one to one with her. In her work Debra assists people to shift from disenchantment to enchantment, stuck to flow, and loss to possibility. Her work involves activating the magic within so you can become the magic weaver and healer that you need. Her expertise: Reiki Master, TCM Practitioner, Meditation and Intuition Teacher, Grief Guide, Oracle and Energy Reader, and Master Storyteller. Debra is the author of A Series of Surrenders ~ A Memoir of Grief. In 2022.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod