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Signs May Ease Your Grief, with Brian Smith

May 11, 2021 Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts
As I Live and Grieve
Signs May Ease Your Grief, with Brian Smith
Show Notes

Dedicated to Shayna Elizabeth 

Our guest today is Brian Smith. Brian knows grief as his  daughter, Shayna, passed away unexpectedly in her sleep at the age of 15-1/2. This led him on a spiritual quest which has made him an amazing resource on the subject of death. Today he helps us understand how to recognize signs left by our departed loved ones and adds that synchronicity of signs can reinforce our beliefs.

Episode Notes: 

Brian's spiritual quest after Shayna's transition combined scientific, spiritual and philosophic tenets. This combination of knowledge makes him a sought out resource as an expert on the topic of death. As he offers us a better understanding of various signs we can look for, he also suggests we become more open to noticing these signs, which can offer support and a sense of continued connection to our loved ones.

Brian is a Chemical Engineer, a Life Coach, an Entrepreneur and wears many other hats. His book, Grief 2 Growth: Planted, Not Buried, How to Survive and Thrive After Life's Greatest Challenges is available through his website or on Amazon.

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