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Trauma-Related Grief - It's Complicated

July 06, 2021 Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts
As I Live and Grieve
Trauma-Related Grief - It's Complicated
Show Notes

Trauma-related grief  is far more than our initial concept of grief. In addition to the devastation that accompanies the death of a loved one, situations are added that can include litigation,  PTSD, media attention, face to face encounters with a perpetrator - a myriad of issues we cannot even imagine. Sharon Willow helps us better understand the complexities that result from trauma-related grief.

Episode Notes:
We've all seen and heard the news. It's full of murder on the streets, school shootings, natural disasters and everything else to which the media give priority. We empathize, offer prayers for survivors or family left behind. Then we move on. Loved ones may remain enmeshed in litigation, media frenzy and resulting issues for years. Still others may never find their case closed and are left for the rest of their lives in a state of limbo.

Sharon Willow is a certified marriage and family counselor, bereavement counselor, reiki practitioner, authentic movement practitioner and poet. She has years of experience teaching meditation, simple tai chi movements, breath and energy techniques, visualization and writing to relieve stress and create health for a better quality of life. She assists individuals in thawing the frozen places of trauma or stressful life circumstances that have caused disease. Sharon supports those who work with her to lean in and allow their unique relationship with grief’s rhythm to ebb and flow, encouraging their personal journey with loss to be felt. Through this work resilience is built, fear lessens, and trust grows as moments of rest and peace develop and strengthen. She assists families with graveside ceremonies as well as helping stage home environments for comfort and healing for living/dying well. She is a death doula, sitting bedside with the dying and supporting families as they say goodbye to loved ones and enter the post death grief process. Destress and confusion can arise between family members as a loved one dies. Sharon’s vast experience working with families in this difficult time helps families find comfort, understanding and support. She honors each individual’s experience, knowing we all grieve differently. Forever changed by loss, Sharon believes as we grow a greater wisdom of self in our allowing grief to be a companion to renewal, we can regain our footing and manage our life’s path.

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