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Anticipatory Grief - You're Not a Burden

August 03, 2021 Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts
As I Live and Grieve
Anticipatory Grief - You're Not a Burden
Show Notes

When your partner is given a diagnosis of terminal illness, your grief journey starts. You may move through your days providing care for your loved one, driving them to a myriad of appointments and treatments or back and forth from the hospital. As you lose your own identity, your routine, you tend to focus on the things you can do something about. Providing care, updating friends and family and spending every available precious minute with your loved one, knowing that in an undetermined, but finite period of time, you will be alone. Today's guest, Kathy Nawojczyk, knows this journey well, and speaks with us today about her final days with her husband.

Episode Notes:
Kathleen Nawojczyk (pronounced now-a-check) grew up Kathleen Prillo in Elizabeth, NJ.  She is the third of four children born to Anthony and Josephine Prillo.  After graduating from Mother Seton Regional High School in Clark, NJ, she began working for a major pharmaceutical company. However, after ten years she was given an opportunity to go into sales. Selling window treatments on the wholesale end felt right to her, as she is very much a people person. It was during this time she was setup on a blind date with Dan Nawojczyk, they hit it off and were married two years later. After fourteen years in sales the driving was beginning to take its toll. She was given an opportunity to return to the same pharma company she left years earlier.  She continues to work there to this day as an Executive Assistant. She has also acquired her Mad Dogg Spin Instructor Certification as well as ACE Strength and Conditioning Certification and now teaches spin and weight classes. She has always enjoyed writing short stories and poems for her own pleasure.

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Purchase Kathy's Book:
You're Not a Burden, by Kathy Nawojczyk

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