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Big Boss Mare with Brandy Von Holten

Brandy Von Holten

Becoming motivated and staying motivated are two completely different tasks. The idea behind Big Boss Mare is to form a sisterhood, but not just any sisterhood. A high achieving, highly motivated, highly successful, supportive sisterhood! Your tribe equals your vibe. Welcome to your Big Boss Mare tribe! Big Boss Mare is TWO separate entities: a leadership and empowerment book and an educational program. The book is scheduled for release in 2021. Confidence, positive self-image, dealing with bullies, business planning, goal setting, organization, how to do good in the world, and finding and fueling your passions are the topics addressed. The educational program titled Big Boss Mare involves goal-to-action planning, business cross "pollination", and confidence building. Each class will directly link to the message and topics covered in the leadership and empowerment book. My ambitions for this program are BIG and BOLD but achievable. I want to deliver tools, tactics, inspiration, motivation, strategies, and a sense of belonging. Big Boss Mare is about helping you become the person you want to be no matter the goal. I will share the things that have made me successful and then I will bring friends, colleagues, and people I have met along the way to share their tactics, routines, thoughts, insights, and solutions. Thank you for tuning in! Let's get started. You can learn more about Big Boss Mare opportunities at

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