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We are two internet best friends, Elizabeth and Jessica, bringing you creepy and crime-y stories week after week. After spending many hours sleuthing and getting lost in rabbit holes, we decided calling it a podcast made it seem important and job-like and less…weird.Our format is relaxed and chatty with a little comedy but we take the fact that these are real crimes against real people very seriously and will always show respect. At the end of our episodes we answer your questions and tell you a little bit about ourselves. You want to make sure you are following us on Instagram to get those questions in. We are not reporters and were not at the scene of the crime so we cannot take credit for any of the details…we found them by sleuthing! We will make sure we always give props to the real heroes. Please please please check our episode details to see where we pulled our info and give the articles or documentaries some love. We honestly couldn’t be the Spare Time Sleuths we are without them. We cannot wait to have you join our internet BFF circle, sleuths!!

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