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Judy Fitzgerald

Since my diagnosis ten years ago, I have been dedicated to researching lifestyle changes and supporting clinical research to achieve the prevention of breast cancer. My goal is to raise awareness of the need for research funding for the primary prevention of women's cancers and to share information to help those facing this journey. My posts are educational and include my journey with bilateral breast cancer and my year of treatment including a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I have been a breast cancer advocate since 2010 and have served on panels at the department of defense breast cancer funding review programs. My website shares all the information I have collected and verified from long term survivors and medical evidence. I am not a medical professional, simply a teacher who hopes to make a difference by sharing information. I presently serve as one of three breast cancer advocates on the pending clinical trial under the direction of Dr. Vincent Tuohy at the Cleveland clinic to prevent the recurrence of triple negative breast cancer, the most lethal form of the disease which is expected to begin in 2021.I am a graduate of the National Breast Cancer Coalition's Project LEAD and have lobbied Congress for additional funds for prevention clinical trials for breast and ovarian cancers. Stay tuned...

Recent Episodes

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