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Alternative Treatments for Cancer and other diseases


True life survivor stories given by the survivor recorded in their own words. Therapy even works when doing any of the conventional cancer treatments at the same time.

PH Therapy therapy is based on real research: Just Google these Doctors below for more information on this subject. IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg (won the Nobel prize for his research)

Aubrey Keith Brewer, Ph.D (Research Scientist on this subject)

H.E. Sartori, M.D.  (doctor who applied this therapy to his patients who were in 4 stage cancer with no chance of surviving their cancer). 50% of his patients recovered cancer free.

David W. Gregg, Ph.D. (He has 2 Ph. D's who wrote a book):
Proposed Common Cause and Cure for All Forms of Cancer

Cancer does not cause cells to turn anaerobic, but rather it is stabilized anaerobic metabolism that is the single cause that turns the normal cells that depend on aerobic metabolism into cancer cells.  Will be published in the near future.