George H.W. Bush: The Leadership Lessons

Episode 219 JIMMY CARTER (Part 29) The Accomplishments

August 16, 2023 Randal Wallace Season 10 Episode 219
George H.W. Bush: The Leadership Lessons
Episode 219 JIMMY CARTER (Part 29) The Accomplishments
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For me this series has been a learning experience. It is the section of our history documentaries that I had the least knowledge and I have come away with a deeper appreciation for the single term of Jimmy Carter.  He actually got more done than you think and that he ever got credit for having achieved. 

He was ahead of his time in the field of Energy policy, he brokered peace treaties in the Middle East, and with the Soviet Union, and he stood the course to break the back of inflation, a policy that began under his appointee Paul Volker and continued under Ronald Reagan.  Carter made the Vice Presidency a much more modern and important job with his partner Walter Mondale.  He also signed the treaty that returned the Panama Canal to the nation of Panama. 

In this episode we look at those achievements and listen to a couple of historians who believe that if you were buying stock on a Presidency rising in esteem over the next half century they would advise an investment in Jimmy Carter. I guess the jury is out on that,  but as anyone who has ever assessed Jimmy Carter they would probably say don't bet against him either. 

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Jimmy Carter at the LBJ Library segment on his proudest accomplishment
Music Intro
The Legacy of the Jimmy Carter Administration segment on his accomplishments - Stuart E. Eizenstat and Robert Strong
Host Randal Wallace welcomes you to the show and discusses how this series has been a learning experience for him on Jimmy Carter
Why Jimmy Carter may be the most misunderstood President in American History - PBS Newshour interview with Jonathon Alter with Judy Woodruff
Today in History - Jimmy Carter signs the Panama Canal Treaty
Jimmy Carter Panama Canal treaty ceremony September 7, 1977 Archival Footage
Host Randal Wallace talks about Paul Volker and tackling inflation
Segment from "Paul Volker and the Great Inflation - clip from "Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve"
Host Randal Wallace introduces the SALT 2 Treaty with the Soviet Union
Détente , Carter and Brezhnev Documentary segments from the site The Cold War Warriors
ABC News Coverage " Carter arrives at Vienna" June 14, 1979
Segment from the Carter speech on June 14, 1979 archival footage
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