George H.W. Bush: The Leadership Lessons

Wrecking and Treasure Hunting in the Florida Keys

September 01, 2023 Randal Wallace Season 10
George H.W. Bush: The Leadership Lessons
Wrecking and Treasure Hunting in the Florida Keys
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Another special edition looking at one of the most interesting industries in the Florida Keys, treasure hunting.  It is an industry with historic ties to the original big business' in the Florida Keys, that of wrecking. Which was basically salvaging of ships that sank in the reef that runs in front of the various Keys. We will look back at its historic origins. 

Then we will look at the modern day Treasure Hunters who make their homes along the Florida Keya with a special emphasis on the most famous of all the treasure hunters in the modern era, Mel Fisher. 

We will invite you to go visit to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum too, It is one of the best museums in Key West and could rank among the best museums I have ever been in.  

This is a fun show and we hope you will enjoy it too. The finale of season Ten looking back at Rosalyn Carter,  and a wrap up  on  Jimmy Carter,  plus a special show on former Vice President Hubert Humphrey is next week,  and then after a break we will start our look back at President George H. W. Bush in season eleven,  

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Mel Fisher Museum - Key West, Florida - Travel Thru History Show
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Host Randal Wallace welcomes you to the show, talks about Mel Fisher, and Wrecking
Wrecking in Key West - Monroe County Library Video - Historian Tom Hambright
Host Randal Wallace talks about treasure hunting in the Florida Keys
Key West Treasure Hunt - Utah Local News Broadcast
Host Randal Wallace talks about Mel Fisher the most famous of the modern day treasure hunters
Dreams of Treasure drive Mel Fisher heirs - Miami Herald
Host Randal Wallace talks about "Today's the Day" and talks about Mel Fisher going on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson interview with Mel Fisher July 30, 1985
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