George H.W. Bush: The Leadership Lessons

Episode 223 JIMMY CARTER (Part 33) Rosalynn (Season 10 Finale)

September 04, 2023 Randal Wallace Season 10 Episode 223
George H.W. Bush: The Leadership Lessons
Episode 223 JIMMY CARTER (Part 33) Rosalynn (Season 10 Finale)
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In this final episode of season 10, we look at the amazing contributions of our former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter. From Mental Health reform, to caregiving, to butterflies, to helping the Carter Center eradicate Guinee Worm in Africa, Rosalynn Carter has often been every bit the leader as her Presidential husband.  We will take sometime to look back at all of those efforts and even see how you can help that work continue into the future.

Plus we will listen in as President and Mrs. Carter are honored by President Bill Clinton for a lifetime of work for the people, not only of the United States. but also around the world.  As President Clinton stated, "It can be said of the Carters that they have done more good for more people all over the World than any other couple on Earth."  That is quite the compliment that is even more so a compliment because it happens to be true. 

In this final episode of season ten we wrap up their life of service to the nation and simply give them their due as two of the greatest goodwill ambassadors the world has ever known. 

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