George H.W. Bush 1990 - 1991 The Sweep of History

Episode 226 The LEADERSHIP of GEORGE BUSH ( Part 2 ) Barbara Bush : The Enforcer

September 28, 2023 Randal Wallace Season 11 Episode 226
George H.W. Bush 1990 - 1991 The Sweep of History
Episode 226 The LEADERSHIP of GEORGE BUSH ( Part 2 ) Barbara Bush : The Enforcer
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In this episode we look at the role of the First Lady, Barbara Bush, in the life of the 41st President. (and the 43rd too)  Barbara Bush was known in her family as the enforcer. She was much more willing to call a spade a spade than her husband was to do so. Her grandchildren and her children talk in several of these reports about how she was the one in the family that enforced the rules, and did not allow any of them to let their heads get to big. 

I actually helped put together an event here in Myrtle Beach when her son George W. Bush was running for President. We were all warned, don't screw anything up. We didn't thankfully and in my brief personal dealings with her I found her an extraordinarily nice woman with a great sense of humor with a stunningly down to Earth presence.  She is my favorite First Lady. 

In this episode, I think you will see that come through. You will hear from both her children and President Bush. You will hear their playfulness with each other and their caring nature for one another as they clown around together,  and in the other extreme also discuss the loss of their child Robin Bush who died of leukemia when she was a three year old. 

The show includes a very personal, and enjoyable interview with Larry King where several viewers call in and she answers each of their questions almost like your next door neighbor would, not at all like a  former First Lady or the mother of a President of the United States. This episode will introduce you to the lady that was the foundation for a political dynasty that dominated American politics from 1980 to 2008.  I think you will really like the person you will be hearing about in this episode. 

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