How to Fall in Love the Hard Way Podcast Artwork Image

How to Fall in Love the Hard Way

Paige Feldman

A raunchy, saucy audio romantic comedy series about three women who seem to have everything figured out... except love.

If you think feelings are scary, friendship makes everything better, and ambitious women shouldn't have to choose between love and their dreams, this show is for you.

Oh, and if you like dirty jokes, it's DEFINITELY for you.

Written & Directed (and produced and edited) by Paige Feldman - @pfeld on Twitter


Emily Hooks as Mona - @emilyahooks on Instagram

Rebecca Hausman as Claire - @rebecca_hausman on Instagram

Jennifer Cheung as Harper

Josh Odsess-Rubin as Gross Gene - @joshangeles1 on Instagram

Andrew Brown as Andrew - @The_Andrew_Brown on Instagram

Aeric Azana as Reid - @thatdaringyoungman on Instagram and @thatdaringman on Twitter

Sean Burns as Trey, Jeff, Calvin, and Todd - @sean_michael_burns on Instagram

Music by John Drabecki

Cover Art by Alejandra Fernandez