The Marketing Procurement Podcast

9. Agency Relationship Management

January 27, 2021
The Marketing Procurement Podcast
9. Agency Relationship Management
Show Notes

What is an “agency”? How different is it vs. a “supplier” What are the Dos & Don’t in terms of agency relationship management? 

Let’s set the stage in this episode for the crucial and complex topic  of agency relationship management by Marketing Procurement. 

An agency is an organization providing a service on behalf of another business. There are various type of agencies which span from Design, Media, Digital, Market Research... etc

There is so much to say about Agency relationship management. This episode is a mere attempt to set the stage for several discussions to be hosted on the Marketing Procurement Podcast with agency leaders.

For now, the key advices are:
- Your agency is as good as your internal team allows it to be.
- Agencies require a more subtitle/advanced type of relationship management.
- Stay tuned on the upcoming episodes if you don’t want to miss insightful perspective from agency leaders that know really well Marketing Procurement. 

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