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The Marketing Procurement Podcast


Hello and Welcome to The Marketing Procurement Podcast. I'm your host, Magid Souhami, homegrown Marketing Procurement leader who turned into President of a global business. My career in Marketing Procurement started 15 years ago, at a time when this discipline was still largely unknown. 15 years later, I'm surprised to see how much Marketing Procurement has gone mainstream and yet remains unchartered. So I decided to create this podcast to better codify Marketing Procurement for you and with you. Here you will discover, learn, or deepen your expertise in this discipline. This podcast has what you're looking for; if you're a Marketing Procurement leader, aiming at training and developing your teams while making the function more attractive; if you're working with Marketing Procurement people on a cross-functional team or at an agency and want to get the most out of this working relationship; or simply if you're an intern, student, or junior buyer, wondering how to build a successful career in Marketing Procurement. I will alternate weekly episodes sharing my insights and recommendations, others interviewing guests who are subject matter experts. We will discuss hot topics and won't shy away from controversial questions such as is Marketing Procurement different than the rest of procurement? Do Marketing Procurement leader has sufficient resources to meet the ever-growing needs of their stakeholders? Or should there be a specific Marketing Procurement certification to guarantee an up-to-date skillset for its practitioners? So if this sounds interesting, please subscribe to the podcast and listen to the first episodes; we'll embark together on this journey to better codify Marketing Procurement.