Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter

Series 3 - ParkBathe

September 02, 2021 Vanessa Potter Season 3 Episode 0
Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter
Series 3 - ParkBathe
Show Notes

Series 3 is a whole new adventure!
In March this year I interviewed Kirsten McEwan a health researcher at Derby University about her work using compassion practices (check out the episode) Off-air we ended up chatting about walking, nature and health and that has led to an exciting project called ParkBathe. With my background as a wellbeing author who has just spent 3 years as a human guinea-pig for Cambridge neuroscientists whilst they recorded my brain activity via an EEG headset as I meditated my way through 12 different meditation styles...we felt that between us we knew quite a lot about wellness interventions and that we'd probably make a great team :) 

Kirsten led the first UK comparison study on Forest Bathing, a prescriptive health intervention develped in Japan in the 1980's. This involves walking slowly and consciously  in ancient woodlands for 2-3 hrs. What's exciting is that ParkBathe is a streamlined, accessible and secular version of this model — involving just 1 hr of slow, guided walking in local parks. 

We are super excited that over the last few months we have tested the model out (with huge success!) made a film (check it out below) and  won National Lottery funding to roll out a series of mindful walks in Crystal Palace Park this Autumn. And yes, Series 3 will be following what happens. I will also be digging deep into green health, the benefits of being in nature and our relationship with green spaces and why some of us feel separate from nature. We'll also be uncovering some of the hidden mysteries within Crystal Palace Park and exploring the biodiversity that many of us (including me!) walk past. 

So if you're local to Crystal Palace come along to one of the FREE guided walks. They are open to everyone, but we are particularly keen to invite  people who might not normally engage with a mindful activity. Perhaps you don't see the point, feel that's it's all a bit weird and spiritual – or just not for you. If that is you, or you know someone like that, we'd love to invite you along to test out ParkBathe. You can bring a buddy too! 

The whole point is that this project is a Citizen Science initiative which means YOU get to test it out and see what works. This will help us finesse the model to make sure it is accessible to everyone — even those who think slow, conscious walking isn't 'their thing'. 

So, join us at the ParkBathe Facebook community and watch the film we've made all about the project. There are some links here:

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