Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter

Forest Bathing Audio Guide

November 04, 2021 Season 3 Episode 1
Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter
Forest Bathing Audio Guide
Show Notes

In anticipation of the soon-to-arrive ParkBathe podcast series, here is an audio guide so you can try out your own forest bathing session. If you've recently experienced one of our ParkBathe sessions in Crystal Palace park, then these instructions will be familiar. If you haven't yet experienced a forest bathing session with us in person, then this guide offers you the opportunity to experiment with forest bathing in your own local urban park.

Forest bathing is simply walking slowly in a forest or wooded area while mindfully taking notice of your surroundings and absorbing the atmosphere. No water involved. No wild swimming and no woo woo spirituality. Just hard science-backed wellness that is easy, accessible and deeply relaxing.

Simply head to your local green space and start the recording when you reach the entrance — there's a bit of explanation at the start. The guide is flexible to allow for whatever parkland or green environment you are in — but it helps if there are some trees, shrubbery and plants. You can adapt, fast forward, pause or repeat the exercises as you wish and take your time. The exercises are designed to make you slow down (which may feel a little frustrating at first) but we hope they open up your senses and connect you to yourself, your community and the natural environment.

Please do tell us if you used this track and how you found it ! we love hearing about your forest bathing experiences. Email us at or tag us in social media.

There are walks available to book on Nov 14th in Crystal Palace Park and keep an eye out for when the first episode of the ParkBathe Podcast comes out soon !

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