Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter

ParkBathe: Nature's de-stress revolution

December 10, 2021 Vanessa Potter Season 3 Episode 1
Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter
ParkBathe: Nature's de-stress revolution
Show Notes

Series 3 has arrived with a super exciting new citizen science health project called ParkBathe

What is ParkBathe?  Earlier this year I created a new health intervention based on Forest Bathing with Kirsten McEwan, a researcher at Derby University. Kirsten researches Forest Bathing (which is simply mindful walking in nature while absorbing the atmosphere) We combined Kirsten's knowledge of this Eastern social prescription with my own production and meditation advocacy work and created an urban park-based model that is accessible and easy for anyone to learn. We especially wanted to appeal to people who were sceptical of anything that appeared woo-woo or new age.

Kirsten and I met when I interviewed her in series 1 (check out her insightful episode on compassion !) and ParkBathe has become a project we are both passionate about. We're grateful to be funded the National Lottery and to have support from the Upper Norwood Library Hub who helped us make this film

 In this first episode we get into exactly what Forest bathing is — because just saying it's ‘mindful walking in nature’ doesn’t cut the mustard. I explain how losing my sight in 2012 led me to develop to a new relationship with the natural world and how walking in nature was an integral part of my recovery. It was that knowledge that informed this project. Nature benefits us in so many weird and wonderful ways — and we plan to reveal how it does that with the help of nature and forest bathing experts. I was delighted that world renowned scientists such Dr Qing Li and Dr Yoshifumi Miyazaki agreed to share both their research and wisdom on Forest Medicine with me. 

You'll also hear from some of the ‘ParkBathers’ who came on the walks Kirsten and I ran in Crystal Palace Park this autumn so you'll hear for yourself if 1 hour of slow, mindful walking did anything to alleviate their stress and anxiety...

If you’d like to experiment with forest bathing for yourself — check out my FREE bonus audio guide that you can use in your local park.  

Useful links: 

Kirsten’s paper on UK Forest Bathing 

What is Shinrin Yoku

Dr Qing Li’s book 

Dr Mayazaki’s book 

Dr Yasu Kotera’s paper on Forest Bathing 

Forestry England 





Written  and produced by Vanessa Potter. SFX by Zapsplat

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