Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter

ParkBathe: Coming to our Senses

January 08, 2022 Season 3 Episode 4
Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter
ParkBathe: Coming to our Senses
Show Notes

Happy new year and welcome to  this new episode investigating everything you need to know about our sensory system and how we see, hear and feel when we're out in nature...

Forest bathing is simply walking mindfully in nature while absorbing the woodland atmosphere – but of course – it’s so much more than that, and we can't delve into the benefits of being in nature without talking about  our incredible senses.

Humans have five basic senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste and so we take a whistle top tour of each giving you fun facts, science and interviews. Did you know we can detect trillions of different scents and that scientist have found that leaves can tell us when they're dehydrated? 

But we often overlook our sensory system, which is why we're going to talk about how our attention gets hijacked, auto pilot, attentional fatigue and the science of attention restoration (which is the amazing way nature restores our senses) We also look at why stress affects vision, how hearing in a certain way can be a game-changer for some - and lots more !

This week’s bonus track contains some really cool ways to use urban environments along with green spaces to boost creativity and open up your mind in a whole new way! so check that out. 
If you want to have a go at forest bathing yourself in the park check out our bonus audio guide, available in this series. 

Written and produced by Vanessa Potter, editing by Melissa Green. 

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