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Being Fuerte. It’s Time to Speak!

Adriana Medina Cagan

“Fuerte” means ‘strong’ in Spanish. This is a platform to talk about different topics and issues that affect our health and fitness. We will discuss upbringing, culture, beliefs, motivation, & specifics on working out. As well as, What gets in your way? I've devoted over these 20 yrs of developing my physical fitness and helping others to so do by integrating ‘self care’ into all aspects of life. We are going to exercise everything but the body that has to do with Health and Fitness! We are going to explore and share experiences of strength in our lives and how we applied that physical strength in the mental game of life. Develop a strong mindset so we don't have to be afraid of those hard things and push the excuses that get in our way. website: mail us at: [email protected] or follow us on Facebook: @fuertefitness and @funkiecoldmedina

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